What To Do In A Traffic Crash

​First attend to the medical needs of anyone involved. Call 911 if necessary-but remember that 911 is for emergencies only.

  • When there are no injuries, move your vehicle out of traffic to the nearest place of safety.
  • Notify the Department of the California Highway Patrol or the police department of the city in which the crash occurred.
  • Exchange driver license, vehicle registration, and insurance information with the other driver or drivers.
  • Do not accept or place any blame. Your insurance company has people trained to determine who is at fault.
  • Gather contact information from possible witnesses.
  • Take a moment to write down details of the crash, such as time of day, traffic conditions, weather conditions, and the events that led up to the collision.
  • Remember, vehicle crashes are not accidents. An alcohol related vehicle crash is just that, a vehicle crash, because the term “accident” implies that these crashes, deaths, and injuries are unavoidable. In fact, alcohol related crashes are predictable and preventable because drinking and driving is the conscious choice of the driver. Never drink and drive or ride with someone who has been drinking. Please be responsible.

​​Pay Traffic Fines

​Traffic Citations can only be handled through the traffic court specified at the bottom of the form. If the violation(s) included a mechanical violation, which has been corrected, it may be brought to our station for verification prior to clearing it with the court. We do not charge for this verification and no appointment is required.

Mechanical or Equipment Ticket,
Commonly Known As Fix-It Tickets

A mechanical or equipment ticket points out a fault of discrepancy with your vehicle. The discrepancy must be corrected and verified by a law enforcement officer before being returned to the issuing station. The verified ticket MUST be returned to the issuing station within 30 days. If this is not completed within the 30 days, the matter will be referred to the local court for processing. The issuing station’s address is stamped on the back of the ticket.

Attend Traffic school

Attend a DMV approved traffic school such as MM TRAFFIC SCHOOL. By attending traffic school you prevent the ticket from going on your driving record. The insurance companies will not see it when they randomly run your driving record. However you can only attend traffic school once every year and a half.

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