Vehicle Code 10752 VC - Illegal Possession/Sale of a Vehicle Identification Number

As you may already know, a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is an important detail of every vehicle’s legal status. If you’ve recently received a citation for a Vehicle Code 10752 VC violation, it means that you have been charged with tampering with that important ID. Below, you’ll learn all about the particulars, including:

What is Vehicle Code 10752 VC?

It’s best to start with the California legislative definition and work from there. This reads: “No person shall, with intent to prejudice, damage, injure, or defraud, acquire, possess, sell, or offer for sale any genuine or counterfeit manufacturer’s serial or identification number from or for, or purporting to be from or for, a vehicle or component part thereof”.

In simpler terms, this means that you are not allowed to sell a VIN, or possess an inaccurate or stolen VIN. Either of these things or both is considered a crime since VINs are legal ID numbers. In the case of this violation, you would need to know that you are knowingly dealing with a VIN that is fraudulent or inaccurate, as the intent is what makes it a crime.

What does it mean to have violated Vehicle Code 10752 VC?

As you’ll learn below, this can be a serious violation when it comes to your driving record. As such, understanding it in detail is important to avoid that as much as possible. Let’s put our imaginary California driver, Abby, into a few situations to get a better understanding of what a Vehicle Code 10752 VC violation actually looks like.

Abby is angry with her roommate, Connor, and decides to get him in trouble by creating a fake VIN and then putting it in his car. The simple act of making the VIN, let alone putting it on Connor’s car, would make her guilty of a Vehicle Code 10752 VC violation. This is also the case if she decided not to put it on Connor’s car but still had it in her possession. Connor would be entirely innocent in either case.

In another situation, Abby decides to sell her car’s VIN number because she needs the cash, and her other roommate, Jim, has a stolen vehicle that needs a different VIN to hide the fact. Abby sells Jim her VIN, making her guilty of a Vehicle Code 10752 VC violation (and Jim would also be guilty of this, too, since he is knowingly purchasing someone else’s VIN and has a stolen vehicle in his possession, too).

Lastly, Abby works directly with a car lot that sells stolen vehicles. Her job is to source and then provide fake VINs so that they can be sold with the stolen cars. She can either create the VINs herself or take them from other cars directly.

The thing to remember here is that any knowing and intentional interaction to do with a fake or stolen VIN would mean that you are guilty of a Vehicle Code 10752 VC violation. The point with this citation would be that you are deliberately or intentionally working with an inaccurate VIN. If you are accidentally in Connor’s position, for instance, the violation wouldn’t apply because you genuinely don’t know what’s going on.

What can I do about this violation?

As mentioned, this can be a serious offense when it comes to being cited with it. It can either be classified as a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the circumstances. Both carry a different penalty.

A misdemeanor can cost you up to a year in county jail and a fine of at least $250. Sometimes the jail time can be downgraded to probation for the same time. This is especially so if you have a good driving record otherwise.

A felony means that you can spend up to 3 years in jail and a fine of up to $5, 000. The jail time can sometimes be split between prison time and probation, or entirely on probation, depending on your record and the circumstances surrounding the Vehicle Code 10752 VC citation.

The court will decide which way to put the conviction based on the evidence and your record. If you are guilty of this serious violation, plead as such and then accept the punishment selected by the court. If you are innocent, you are within your rights to have representation that can argue your case.

Other possible Vehicle Code violation connections

There are a few other kinds of violations that can be connected to a Vehicle Code 10752 VC violation. These can include the following:

  • Vehicle Code 10750 VC: This violation means that you have deliberately modified your VIN to disguise it as another.
  • Vehicle Code 10802 VC: This is similar to a Vehicle Code 10752 VC violation, but refers to the tampering with a criminal intent rather than the selling focus.
  • Vehicle Code 10801 VC: This violation implies that you are operating what’s called a “chop shop”, which is where you are taking apart cars for illegal purposes to make cash.
  • Vehicle Code 10803 VC: In this case, the violation means you have a car with a knowingly false or modified VIN.
  • Vehicle Code 4463 VC: This violation refers specifically to modifying or changing the VIN on your DMV-issued registration card.

Depending on the situation surrounding the Vehicle Code 10752 VC violation, the peace officer may choose to use any or all of these in addition to your citation, or they may use any or all of these in place of a Vehicle Code 10752 VC citation. It depends on the peace officer’s professional judgment and the situation of the citation itself.

Is this ticket eligible for traffic school?

Unfortunately, Vehicle Code 10752 VC is not eligible for traffic school. Eligibility for any accredited traffic school, including MM TRAFFIC SCHOOL, means that you received a citation for what’s called a “moving citation”. As you may be able to guess from the name, it just means that your vehicle has to actually be in motion (the ticket related to that motion). For example, switching lanes illegally or turning without your indicator on to signal your intent properly.

If you aren’t sure of how this citation is not a moving citation, or you’d simply like more information, please feel free to contact us and we will happily explain how it all works. If you’d like, you can also reach out to the court that issued your ticket, as they will be familiar with your personal case and file.

How can I avoid a citation for a Vehicle Code 10752 VC violation?

One of the best details about your worry over receiving a Vehicle Code 10752 VC violation is that it can be relatively simple to avoid! We’ve got some tips to help you do just that so that you don’t need to spend any of your time worrying about jail or expensive fines for something so “small”.

Firstly, understand the purpose of your VIN. Think of it like an SKU code for your particular car. It’s a universal identifying number that can be used to show those who key it in information on the warranty claims, insurance coverage, recalls, and make and model, etc. It’s very specific and unique to each individual car that is sold in a legal situation. Because it’s so important and specific, this VIN cannot be altered without the express written consent of the DMV and/or the manufacturer. Even in those situations, there is a strict procedure.

So, if you are looking at doing anything that can change that VIN, specifically related to selling it or working at repurposing those VINs, you can guess that it doesn’t have the proper authorization needed to keep it legal. If you simply steer clear of all of this and see your VIN as being a legal ID number (which it is), then you will be okay.

Secondly, if you are in a situation where you know that someone is trying to convince you to sell your VIN to them, walk away and firmly decline, no matter how much money they might be offering you. Sure, it seems like a windfall, but since you are knowingly and deliberately selling your VIN to someone, the citation, fine, and jail time will never, ever be worth it!

The last thing with a Vehicle Code 10752 VC violation is that you should never knowingly associate with anyone who is involved with a chop shop. If you have knowledge about VIN selling and possession, you are as guilty as the person who committed the crime themselves. Remember: being cited with a Vehicle Code 10752 VC violation means that you are committing a crime knowingly. If you don’t know a VIN is inaccurate or it is stolen, you are innocent of this citation!



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